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We love Japan!



Japan is our passion, with all its facets of culture and pop culture, tradition and modern life - and we want to share this passion with you!





The name "nipponbashi" (
日本橋) consists of the words "Japan" (日本) and "Bridge" (). The so named district of Osaka, the second largest city in Japan, is similar to the Tokyo-based electronics and otaku-district Akihabara. It is also called Den-Den Town or "Akihabara of the West". There, amongst other things, you can attend the annual Nipponbashi Street Festa, Osaka's biggest cosplay event. In addition, Nipponbashi is the name of a bridge spanning the river Dōtonbori. And just as this bridge connects the districts of Osaka, we want to use this site to connect you to Japan and its pop culture.




We, that is Stefanie and Robert, have been fans of Japanese pop culture for over 16 years. Since childhood we've been influenced by numerous animes and mangas, Japanese music and video games. For many years we have regularly been at shows of Japanese artists, be it in Germany or elsewhere. The rich history and culture of this country captivate us as much as the multi-faceted language. Japan is more than just a hobby for us, it's a way of life - which does not mean we only eat sushi and wear kimono every day. ;-)


We now want to carry on this passion to fans in Germany and Europe, as well as to all those who have not yet come into contact with the matter. Japan offers so many different facets to discover, from the past to the present, and will continue to fascinate.


We inform you about the latest news of japanese music, film, anime and games, bring you teasers and trailers and whatever else you need to know. We also put together information, pictures and videos in our band profiles so that you can brush up your knowledge about your favorite band or discover new bands. In the future, you will also find information on other aspects, such as Persons of Interest (such as actors, directors, etc.), history and culture of Japan.



Soon there will also be an online shop where you can stock up on everything you need as a Japan fan and whatever your otaku heart desires!